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Wild Jamaican Vervain (Nervine) (Verbena Officinalis)

Wild Jamaican Vervain (Nervine) (Verbena Officinalis)

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Refered to as Vervine or Nervine in Jamaica Vervain is a very powerful herb that can assist the body to heal a number of ailments. Traditionally it is used as a blood purifier, treatment for hemorrhage, insomnia, headache, nerve problems, depression, asthma, colds, digestive problems like IBS, bladder problems amongst many other things. It is classed amongst the most sacred of all herbs. The leaves have a pleasant taste and can be used to make tea, or even topically on sores.
TEA PREPARATION: Small handful of dried vervain to 2 cups of boiling water. Steep for 15 minutes and strain off. Drink 1 cup in the morning and one before bed.

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